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Due the lack of courts, gyms, and coaches available during the summer most international players don’t have the opportunity to take their game to the next level. 
To increase the level of playing in the basketball community worldwide and help athletes prepare in the off season, TWS will be running events world wide, integrating national and international coaches and athletes at each event. 


Summer is really known for being a time for athletes to rest, relax, and enjoy their time off, but the real athlete knows summers/off-seasons are when the TRUE ELITE are made.

TRENCHWORK SPORTS wants to give the opportunity to players to enjoy their summers of relaxation, while still continuing a competitive training regiment and that dog mentality to get better than everyone else. We have put together an incredible team of NBA level player development trainers and physical conditioning coaches whom have played at the professional level themselves, have designed and developed fully customizable plans to meet every athlete’s individual goals. This program is created for anyone who wants to elevate their game and truly embody and experience what a REAL off-season is. Our expertise is helping athletes at the top of their game reach new heights faster. Our goal is to provide an environment for all to achieve a maximum level of greatness. With over 30 years of experience, TRENCHWORK SPORTS understands and values the true essences of how limited and valuable a professional athletes off season really is. 

The offseason grind is where any athlete, on any level, in any sport, gets better and goes to that next level. 


It's the work in the TRENCHES that really get you prepared for war.   


TrenchWork Sports is a basketball training academy/camp for professional athletes and young prospects. 

The aim is to devote the academy to the technical and physical improvement of the athlete through personalized training, focused on crafting and perfecting the technical qualities, strength and mental preparation of the player. 


The elite of Greek as well as international first and second league series players will be selected. Daily training programs (morning and/or afternoon) will be created for each athlete including strength, speed and agility programs and injury recovery training programs. We here at TWS want this to be a starting point for the future, for this reason we have chosen a high level staff made up of top level NBA and Greek coaches/skill development personnel and a highly competent sports medical staff with the intent to involve and draw more and more kids and coaches in the area within the project. It is an event that will have national and international impact. The biggest difference between American players and the players everywhere else is how they train and prepare in the offseason. By bringing NBA level trainers/coaches and integrating them with top tier Italian and international coaches/trainers with this academy it will increase the level of play for every one involved and as we continue to do this raise the level of basketball for everyone it reaches.


Daily trainings and 
personalized skill workouts with 
master trainers
and player development coaches. 

Treatment specifically designed for soft tissues injuries.
Treat musculoskeletal injuries and pain.
Deep tissue massages.

Physical and postural check ups.
Physiotherapy assistance. 
Athlete recovery from daily trainings.

Organized lifting sessions.

Improve technique and core movements.

Develop strength base. 

Injury prevention exercises.







Player Developement

Strength & 




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